Helping employees with their work and life issues is all that some people believe an EAP does. WorkLife Hawaii is more than just an Employee Benefit.

Our full-service EAP delivers a wide range of services that, when utilized, can impact a company's bottom line.

Return on Investment

We explain about the Return on Investment for EAP services -- sharing research about how EAP pays for itself (often many times over according to national statistics) in the ROI of EAP section.

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Training and Development

We have a list of many of the trainings we offer companies as part of our inclusive contract, in the Training and Development section.

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We answer some frequently asked questions from employers in the FAQ section.

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We let some of our satisfied customers "talk story" about us in the Testimonials section.

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Contact Us

Feel free to call us (at 808-543-8445 or toll-free at 1-800-994-3571)
for any question we haven't answered online.


We'd be happy to talk with your more about your needs, or send you a marketing packet with samples of our newsletters and flyers, or give you some additional references so you can check us out from our customers who have found us an indispensible Human Resources tool, or provide anything we can to help you make a good decision for your company. Mahalo!